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The Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is the venue used for the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix, A1 Grand Prix as well as the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix. It is also used as a venue for many other major motorsport events.

Widely regarded as a benchmark for other Grand Prix venues, the Sepang circuit boasts superb pit garage and media facilities, as well as impressive grandstands and patron amenities. Some complaints have been raised regarding the unevenness of the surface, as the track appears to be slowly sinking. This is possibly due to the fact that Sepang was built on the site of a former swamp.
The circuit was designed by
German designer Hermann Tilke, who would subsequently design the new facilities in Shanghai, Bahrain and Turkey.
The main circuit, normally raced in a clockwise direction, is 5.54 kilometres long, and is noted for its sweeping corners and wide straights. The layout is quite unusual, with a very long back straight separated from the pit straight by just one very tight hairpin.
Other configurations of the Sepang circuit can also be used. The north circuit is also raced in a clockwise direction. It is basically the first half of the main circuit. The course turns back towards the pit straight after turn 6 and is 2.71 kilometres long in total.
The south circuit is the other half of the racecourse. The back straight of the main circuit becomes the pit straight when the south circuit is in use, and joins onto turn 8 of the main circuit to form a
hairpin turn. Also run clockwise, this circuit is 2.61 km in length.
Sepang International Circuit also features
kart racing and motocross facilities.
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The controversial decision by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) banning foreign players from the Malaysian League next season will change the football landscape.So what can the football fans expect next season. Can the local players fill the vacuum left by the foreign players or imports in the goal scoring department?Will main contenders Kedah, Perak and Selangor which had been dependent on the imports for goals maintain the same level of standard now that they will not be around.The contribution of the imports had been enormous and the record speaks for itself. The top four strikers in the Super League were imports.Golden Boot winner Marlon Alex James of Kedah led the charts with 23 goals followed by Carlos Caceres of Perak (17), Frank Seator of Selangor (15) and Walter Ariel Silva of Johor FC (14).Malaysia's best player was Mohd Khalid Jamlus of Perak with 13 goals who came in fifth.It was the same story for the Premier League where the imports showed they were a cut above the locals.Mouhamodou Moustapha of Kelantan led with 27 goals followed by Otelo Ocampos Espinola of Johor Pasir Gudang (23), Alex Agbo of KL Plus (19).Home-grown Liew Kit Kong of Kuala Muda NAZA came in third (16 goals).Kedah's James also dominated the FA Cup and Malaysia Cup competitions scoring 10 and 15 goals respectively.Imports made their presence felt in Malaysia with the introduction of the Semi-Pro League in 1989.Except for 2004 when Indra Putra Mahayuddin of Pahang won the Golden Boot with 15 goals, the imports never failed to lead the goalscoring chart.Julio Cesar Rodrigues of Sabah (18), Zacharia Simukonda of Perlis (18) and Keita Mandjou of Perak (17) were the fans favourties in 2005, 2006 and 2007.The imports also lighted up the Premier League with Marin Mikac of UPB-MyTeam (13) and Gustavo Fuentes of Melaka (18) leading the way.FAM local competitions committee chairman Datuk Che Mat Jusoh said the decision to ban imports was for the development of Malaysian football as local players found it hard to shine against the imports."Without the imports next season, the fans can really evaluate the standard of Malaysian footballers," he told Bernama.Che Mat said teams which put up fine displays will draw fans to fill the stadiums and this will augur well for the future of Malaysian football.He said the imports' presence was of little help to Malaysian football as some lacked quality and caused a drain on the teams' resources."Some of those plying their trade in Malaysia are past their best and cannot make it to the major football leagues in Europe," said the FAM vice president.Other than the ban on imports, the last season also saw FAM bogged with match-fixing allegations by players and the failure of several football associations to pay players' wages and contribute to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).


'Nicol Ann David' (Datuk Nicol Ann David, DSPN) (born August 26, 1983 in Penang, Malaysia) is a Malaysian professional squash player. She is currently the World No. 1 in women's squash (she is the first Asian woman to be ranked World No. 1 in the sport). She captured the World Open title in 2005 and 2006, and the British Open title in 2005, 2006 and 2008.
Nicol David is the first squash player to have won the World Junior title twice (1999 and 2000) under the tutelage of Richard Glanfield. She remained the only female squash player to have achieved this, until Raneem El Weleily emulated David's feat by winning her second World Junior Championship in 2007.
On December 4, 2005, she beat Rachael Grinham in the final of the Hong Kong World Open to become the youngest world champion. On November 25, 2006, at the historic Ulster Hall in Belfast, she has defended her World Open title in 2006 by beating Natalie Grinham in the final. She became the first Malaysian athlete to win a world championship title for the 2nd consecutive time, and the fourth person in history to retain the world championship.
David's other titles include the Asian squash championship, which she won with a record of five times (in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006).
She held a 13-month, 51-match winning streak, from March 2006 to April 2007 when she finally lost to Natalie Grinham in the final of the 2007 Seoul Open. In today's standard of professional squash, which is regarded by many as being much more competitive than what it was decades ago, having a winning streak comparable to this is an achievement not easily obtainable.
Nicol has been training in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, since she was 18, when she finished her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (equavalent to the British GCSE 'O' levels) examination, scoring 7As.
Small and slight, the girl nicknamed the "Duracell Bunny" is extremely quick on her feet, a great retriever as well as an aggressive attacking player. Considering her young age, she is expected to remain the top female player in the game for a while to come.
Nicol David was also named WISPA Player of The Year for 2005 as she won six WISPA titles, as well as the World Games gold medal and the World Open title. David has risen in name after her near total dominance of the game in recent years. The Current Malaysian Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, a fellow Penangite, quipped once that David is "now more famous than me".
Nicol David, 24, has been honoured with the "Order of Merit" in conjunction with the birthday of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Saturday June 7, 2008. She becomes the first recipient of the award which was established on June 26, 1975 and is limited to 10 recipients who have made significant contributions in arts, science and humanity.
On July 12, 2008, Malaysian squash queen Nicol Ann David was among 497 honoured in conjunction with the 70th birthday of the Penang Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas. The Penang-born Nicol, who at the time is the World No. 1 squash player, is among 28 people who received the Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri (DSPN) which carries the title "Datuk" making her the youngest person in Penang to be conferred Datukship.

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Seperti sedia maklum plajar SRC550 akan mengadakan Fiesta atlit lagenda negara di Stadium UITM Shah Alam pada 25.10.2008. Saya sebagai salah seorang ahli jawatankuasa dan pelajar Subjek SRC550 sangat berbangga kerana bakal berlangsungnya event sebegini, ini memberi peluang pendedahan kepada pelajar dalam aspek pengurusan sukan. Pada masa sama juga kita menghargai jasa atlit negara yang mengharumkann nama negara dan pembangunan sukan di Malaysia. Saya amat berbangga dan berharap event fiesta sebigini dapat diteruskan pada masa akan datang bukan sahaja oleh pelajar UITM bahkan pelajar lain dan badan swasta serta kerajaan disamping, menimba pengalaman dan ilmu praktikal, dapat bertemu serta secara tidak langsung mengumpul dana bagi pihak-pihak yang memerlukan seperti rumah anak-anak yatim.

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Negara Malaysia sebuah negara membangun, makmur dan aman damai, namun begitu kita seakan ketandusan bakat-bakat baru negara kini. Apa yang menyedihkan semakin pudar semangat kesukanan seperti atlit lagenda negara terdahulu sebagai contoh Mokhtar Dahari , Jalani Sidek, Misbun Sidek dan ramai lagi. Semangat atlit lagenda ini mesti diterapkan kepada generasi baru. Ini boleh dilaksanakan melalui risalah dan video pengalaman atlit lagenda, atlit lagenda sebagai jurulatih dan sebagainya, ini dapat membantu peningkatan tahap kebolehan serta ketahanan atlit-atlit muda. Tidak cukup dengan itu atlit kini mestilah kreatif mempelajari semangat dan kemampuan atlit lagenda luar negara kerana "jika mereka boleh mengapa kita tidak". Renung-renungkanlah


Masalah gangguan seksual bukan sahaja berlaku di luar, bahkan dalam sukan Malaysia atlit wanita tidak terlepas dari permasalahan ini, amat menyedihkan perbuatan ini dilakukan oleh orang yang bertanggungjawab menjana kecemerlanga atlit yang boleh dianggap sebagai ibu dan bapa kepada atlit ketika dibawah rutin latihan jurulatih. Jurulatih juga mestilah amanah melaksanakan tugas dalam memikul tanggungjawab membawa atlit Negara ke puncak serta amanah yang diberikan ibu bapa terhadap jurulatih demi anak mereka (atlit) tatkala dibawah pengawasan jurulatih, namun apa yang menyedihkan jurulatih cuba mengambil kesempatan ke atas atlit. Kemana letaknya akal fikiran seorang jurulatih yang dilantik, namun begitu tidak semua jurulatih sebegini hanya segelintir akan mengakibatkan tiada kesan hormat terhadap jurulatih berekod bersih, masyarakat memandang serong terhadap kerja jurulatih. Atlit wanita berjiwa kental tidak mungkin patah semangat bahkan berani tampil atas ketidakbertanggungjawab jurulatih. Ini lah tindakan wajar……………..fikirkanlah


Melalui satu sumber, rakyat Jepun memiliki tahap kesihatan antara yang terbaik. Ini kerana bukan sahaja melalui sukan boleh mengelakkan penyakit tetapi juga pemakanan. Rakyat Jepun kurang mengamalkan makanan berminyak, kerana mereka lebih tertumpu kepada makanan secara stim dan separuh masak bagi mengekalkan zat makanan tersebut. Bijirin dan sayuran juga menjadi pilihan utama mereka untuk kesihatan. Makanan juga memainkan peranan penting dalam membina tubuh badan yang sihat dan minda yang cerdas. Rakyat Malaysia perlu menjadikan Jepun sebagai contoh untuk melahirkan atlit yang cergas, bertenaga dan sihat. Melalui sumber ini juga Negara Jepun memiliki pesakit jantung yang paling kurang didunia. Pakar pemakanan juga sangat penting bagi membantu atlit menambah tenaga dan mengekalkan stamina. Mungkin sukar bagi kita untuk mencontohi budaya pemakanan sebegini mungkin juga kerana budaya yang menjadi penghalang. Bak kata pepatah jika hendak seribu daya jika tak hendak seribu dalih, belum cuba belum tentu tahu, cubalah…………